Friday 25 April 2014

Lync Hosting Pack version 2 now officially supports Lync 2013 CU4

Great news to all LHPv2 hosters, Microsoft have confirmed with me that Lync 2013 CU4 is now officially supported for Lync 2013 LHPv2.

There appears to be no official page up yet on the announcement, and it is possible they may never be, but I have confirmed it is now supported by Microsoft and I am including their test upgrade document.

Grab CU4 here  and finally approve it for your WSUS patching teams without fear or rebuilding an entire LHPv2 platform :-)

Grab the CU4 test document here.


Oliver Moazzezi - MVP Exchange Server


Unknown said...

Hi Oliver,

Do you know if there is a more official announcement for this? When I looked at the test document, it didn't actually list any tests.

Unknown said...

Why has Microsoft not published this information on their website? This is a big change from the way they have done the hosting pack in the past.

Oliver Moazzezi said...

Hi guys,

It is official, the document I have linked to was by Microsoft.

If in any doubt speak to your Lync representative through the Partner Network.

Hopefully CU5 will be approved also, even if LHPv2 is officially stopped.