Friday 3 April 2020

Working from home with Microsoft Teams: Managing private viewing of PowerPoint presentations in meetings


Welcome to another working from home with Microsoft Teams vlog. In this circa thirty second snippet I show you how you can manage private viewing of your PowerPoint presentations to maintain impactful delivery and stopping your participants pushing on ahead.

Stay safe

Monday 30 March 2020

Working from home with Microsoft Teams: Help i'm new to Teams and need to understand the client!

Hey all

So Microsoft have continued to announce more companies and users adopting Microsoft Teams and we have even more daily users now even from last weeks announcement of 44 million daily Teams users!

I have myself just helped migrate a 500 seat customer to Office 365 specifically to utilise Microsoft Teams and I have another one in planning stages with a view to an aggressive adoption schedule.

So for all you new Microsoft Teams users! Check out the below video!

Stay safe

Friday 27 March 2020

Working from home with Microsoft Teams: Managing notifications

Hey all,

Microsoft Teams provides a variety of noteworthy notification settings. We can have them muted, or specify whether we want them via email, banner or both. So how do we do this and what notifications can we control?

Take a look in the following video.

Stay safe

Thursday 26 March 2020

Working from home with Microsoft Teams: adding Apps to Channels

The weather is really nice today, makes a change as I look out of the window and see some sun. Puts a brighter perspective on things.

Today we will see how easy it is to add apps to your channels. If you can't see Apps don't worry - it just means your employer has locked it down for now.

Stay safe

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Working from home with Microsoft Teams: Taking Meetings Notes

Hi all,

Welcome back to my working from home with Microsoft Teams 30 second video series to help people that find themselves working from home for the first time with new technology.

Well you've worked out how to have a meeting? How do we take meeting notes? Let's check it out in Microsoft Teams!

Stay safe

Monday 23 March 2020

Working from home with Microsoft Teams: Adding additional participants to 1:1 chat

Hey everyone,

Today we'll talk about simply adding another user to 1:1 chat. New users will occasionally go to the extra effort of creating a new conversation, but in this video we show how Microsoft Teams takes care of that for you to streamline the experience whilst preserving the previous conversation.

Stay safe

Friday 20 March 2020

Working from home with Microsoft Teams: How do I record a meeting?

Welcome to day three. It's been an experience with three consistent days working from my temporary office at home - I advise to take two 30 minute breaks each day to get some fresh air. I find that helps enormously. Anyhow, how do I record a meeting in Microsoft Teams?

Stay safe

Thursday 19 March 2020

Working from home with Microsoft Teams in 30 seconds: checking my audio device settings in a call

Hi all,

Day two and today we're checking our audio device settings once we have joined a call. Take a look in the video below.

Stay safe

Wednesday 18 March 2020

Working from home with Microsoft Teams in 30 seconds: Pinning contacts and notify when available!

As we are going through a pretty unprecedented time right now I thought I would try and put some Microsoft Teams in 30 seconds videos online with some top tips every week.

Here's day zero!

Stay safe!

Monday 24 February 2020

Enable Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) Label Preview for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft have announced the ability to classify an Office 365 Group via the creation of a SharePoint Online Team Site, or Microsoft Team with Unified Labelling.

This is a great feature to have, and effectively starts to really drive adoption of classification for these services - although the feature is in preview and still needs additional work to be a feature complete solution.

So how do you enable it for your tenancy? Let's take a look!

First of all ensure you have the latest preview version of the AzureAD PowerShell module. You can grab it here. For help on installing the module, see here.

Once you have the latest preview version of the AzureAD module then we'll all set to start making some configuration changes. We need to configure and enable 'EnableMIPLabels' for our Azure AD directory settings for the tenancy we're performing this work on. You can grab the below script from Microsoft here. Save this to a powershell file.

$setting=(Get-AzureADDirectorySetting | where -Property DisplayName -Value "Group.Unified" -EQ) if ($setting -eq $null) { $template = Get-AzureADDirectorySettingTemplate -Id 62375ab9-6b52-47ed-826b-58e47e0e304b $setting = $template.CreateDirectorySetting() $setting["EnableMIPLabels"] = "True" New-AzureADDirectorySetting -DirectorySetting $setting } else { $setting["EnableMIPLabels"] = "True" Set-AzureADDirectorySetting -Id $setting.Id -DirectorySetting $setting }

To check for the change, see the directory setting 'EnableMIPLabels' by running this command i Get-AzureADDirectorySetting -Id "62375ab9-6b52-47ed-826b-58e47e0e304b" | select -ExpandProperty values

You should see 'EnableMIPLabels' is now set to 'True'.

So what now? Well the truth of the matter is this change does take a little while to propagate across your tenant. I waited a few hours before I saw it working when creating SharePoint Online Team sites and Microsoft Teams.

So what's next? Well let's create a Unified Label specifically for this test. Go the the Security & Compliance Center and create a new sensitivity label.

You will see there's the new option to configure 'Site and group settings'

I have changed the defaults here to change the privacy to 'Private - only members can access the site', and I have disallowed external user access. I then save the label and push it to a label policy.

The label may take a while to show up. However when it does and the AzureAD directory settings have also invoked you should see this in Microsoft Teams when creating a new Team.

First of all you'll notice that I have the ability of selecting both a public and private team with the sensitivity label being set to 'none'.

Now see what happens if I select the label I created.

You can see Microsoft Teams immediately removes the ability for it to be Public based on the privacy settings applied to the unified label.

OK so if I go ahead and create the Team how can I easily see if there's a label applied? Well you'll see it applied in the top right hand corner of the client.

Can I add external users? If you remember I explicitly disallowed this in the unified label I created. Let's take a look.

You can see I get the same experience as if Azure Guest access isn't enabled. But it is. Let's take a look at another Team and try and add the same external user.

You can see it works just fine.

Similarly if I try and edit the settings of the Team to public from it's current private setting you'll see the label continues to push your compliance on the Team.

So what's SharePoint Online look like? Currently the sensitivity label support is only present in the SharePoint Admin Center when you create a new Team site, rather than directly in SharePoint Online for users to be able to take advantage of - like the current Microsoft Teams experience. Let's take a look.

Go to the SharePoint Admin Center | Sites | Active Sites and select 'Create'. When selecting a Team Site you will see under 'advanced settings' that sensitivity label support is now present.

Let's take a look with the Public label selected - you will notice the privacy settings are Public.

Versus my unified label where I specified Private.

So the Preview appears to be off to a flying start, but as stated more work is needed. Giving SharePoint Online the same end user creation capability for a Team Site with label that Microsoft Teams gets will be a welcome addition. And there's a fundamental issue where files aren't currently protected with the label that you set in the document stores, for example I can share files to an external user if I so wished, but I am sure these will be improvements that get baked into the functionality as it matures and comes out of Preview and generally available.

If this is all to much for your production tenant, then simply revert 'EnableMIPLabels' back to 'False'. I would suggest testing on a demo tenant to ensure you are happy if you want to enable and play with preview features.

Have fun!