Friday 23 July 2010

Email data migration –

If you are familiar with the pain that can come when migrating mailbox data between servers you will appreciate

It is a cloud service charged per mailbox that can hook in to Exchange, Gmail, Hotmail, IMAP and other mail servers and import directly to Exchange Server 2007/2010. It takes care of a lot of work for IMAP migrations such as securely gathering user credentials.

I really like the simple dashboard showing the state of the migration. I also like the option to take multiple passes at a mailbox and being able to on filter date ranges.


Configuration is simple.

1. Enter source server OWA/IMAP address
2. Enter destination Exchange OWA address
3. List mailboxes to migrate, then either it will handle credential gathering or you can specify a super user with access to all mailboxes.
4. Press GO and monitor.


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