Wednesday 15 July 2009

Nokia N97 review - ActiveSync, Applications and you can make calls too.

So everyone is drinking the iPhone koolaid, I even have an Apple iPod - but traditionally i've always gone for Nokia phones. Notably I love the Symbian OS and the fact you can install Apps on your mobile from any Developer.

Choosing my new phone has been no different, except I have read wildy varied reviews on the Nokia N97 - but I still decided to take the plunge.

After using it for 24 hours I am seriously impressed. Activesync works like a charm - and Administrator enforced Mobile policies are enforced - for example I had to agree to put a 5 digit lock code with 15 minute timeout on my N97 (forced from policy) before I could sync. Sync'ing in the latest release of Mail for Exchange is great and all bugs from previous versions appear to have been ironed out. You still cannot see other folders than your inbox but hopefully this will be resolved in a future update.

I haven't got a Symbian S60 emulator so if you need detailed instructions on setting up your N97 check:

I should also note that the N97 version of Activesync supports Autodiscover so it can grab all your Activesync details and you just need to enter your username and password.

There are some other useful default Apps too.

Qik - this allows you to stream video from your mobile in real time over the Internet, very very cool.

BBC iPlayer - again very cool, catch up on missed TV on this App designed for the N97.

Facebook - again honed for the Nokia phone. I found it particularly interested you can snap a pic when in the Applications and immediately tag, name and then upload into a photo album of your choice. Great feature.

Nokia appears to be countering the iTunes store with Ovi.

Ovi has a great intuitive 'App bar' across the top of the screen that allows you to swipe your finger and move through Recommened, Games, Audio and Video and Personal.

It obviously hasn't got the pace or support of iTunes yet but it appears to be trying hard to do just that.

The ultimate feature is that the N97 can be used as a VOIP phone, with full SIP connectivity support, you could use it as an OCS phone and really work from anywhere!

Oliver Moazzezi

MVP - Exchange Server


Henrik said...

Where did you find the OCS client for Nokia N97?


Oliver Moazzezi said...

Henrik - I got it from - Don't use the N95 version it doesn't work. I will contact you offline which version I used (need to check my phone).


Unknown said...

Hoi Oliver,

I'm curious which version of the CoMo client you used. I've also noticed the N95 version doesn't work.

Thanks in advance..

Oliver Moazzezi said...

Hi guys,

I used the Nokia E71 version.