Monday 20 June 2011

Restoring a DAG member, don't forget to evict the node!


When restoring a DAG member (please see a previous blog post on how to to do this) it is important to remember to evict the node from the cluster, otherwise errors will occur when you re-introduce it.

The error that will be shown should the server still be a cluster member, when running the cmdlet 'Add-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer' is shown below:

To remedy this open the Failover Cluster Manager on a valid DAG member. Select the DAG member you are performing DR on, right click it and select "Evict node"

Go back to your open Powershell session and re-run 'Add-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer' and this should now run succesfully.

You will see it succesfully adding the server to the cluster:

Finally once configuration is complete, it will show the server as a valid member:

You now simply have to reseed any databases that should reside on this DAG member and you are all set!

Take care,

Oliver Moazzezi MVP - Exchange Server

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