Friday 15 February 2013

Lync 2010 Mobilty service MCX Director install issue

I recently had an issue on Lync 2010 Directors where the entire Lync Mobility install would occur, not just the autodiscover service like you would expect.

Information on the internet for this appears to be vague at best so I thought a clear post about the issue should help others clear this up and fix it without some serious head scratching.
When deploying the Lync Mobility service you can easily see what parts are installed from the command line process.
Lync Front End:
Lync Director:
However I was repeatedly getting both the autodiscover and mcx component installed on a Director server.
So how was that possible? Surely the process realises it is a Director server right?
Well it turns out the above isn’t entirely true. It checks to see on the server it is being installed on whether the McxPrimaryListeningPort and MxcSIPExternalListningPort are set.
If these are anything other than zero it will install both packages and the Lync Mobility service will not work if you are directing users to your Directors!
So how did this happen and how do we fix this?
Well the issue was caused because I ran the following on both the Director and Lync Front End FQDNs:
Set-CSWebServer LyncDirector_FQDN –McxSIPPrimaryListeningPort “value” –McxSIPExternalListeningPort “value”
And specified a value other than zero, 0.
When configuring this service this should only be run against your Front End FQDNs.
So to fix this I ran:
1. Set-CSWebServer LyncDirector_FQDN –McxSIPPrimaryListeningPort 0 –McxSIPExternalListeningPort 0
2. Remove the Lync Mobility Service via the uninstall feature from Programs and Features
3. Re-deploy the Lync Mobility Service via the bootstrapper process (and as a side note only ever do it via .\bootstrapper.exe, running it via the UI appears to unlock a number of bugs)
You should now find you get the following on your Director:
All fixed!
Take care,

Oliver Moazzezi - MVP Exchange Server