Friday 18 April 2008

Exporting email addresses from Active Directory

This seems to be a hot topic all the time in the newsgroups so....

Run this at the cmd prompt on one of your Windows 2000 and above servers.

ldifde -f C:\youremailexport.txt -l proxyaddresses

Replace C:\youremailexport.txt with whatever drive letter and text file name you want.

Here's a great kb explaining ldifde

Have fun!

Oliver Moazzezi

MVP - Exchange Server


Jacqueline Wright said...

Hello, I wasn't sure where to leave this comment at but I was hoping that you could help me with something.

My environment is 1 edge DMZ, 1 server which includes CAS, Hub and mailbox. I have mail coming into the edge server and it just sits there. It won't deliver mail to the mailboxes. The mx record points to the edge. Mail does going out but nothing comes in. Is there something I need to set up on the Hub "receive connector" the client and default are setup to accept accept mail on port 25. And I placed another entry in just for the edge server IP and port 25. Do you know what I'm doing wrong. I've been working on this issue for 2 days and I'm stuck.

Thank you,

Wayne Hollomby said...


Did you create a edge subscription and import it on the HUB server ?

This will create the send and receive connectors needed for mail flow to work from the the edge into the Hub servers.

If you didn't do this it could be the reason why so follow the steps in the article.

Also this is a very good step by step guide see part 2 onwards

If the send connector already exists on the edge server to the Hub server . Check what address it is trying to forward the mail to your hub server as this may be incorrect. Try to telnet from the edge server to the address listed in the connector using port 25 and see if it connects ok. If it's using a DNS name then it may not be able to resolve it so you need to create the DNS record manually as it mentions in the article. This also details the process

Hope this helps


Wayne Hollomby

Jacqueline Wright said...

Hello Wayne,

Yes, I did create the edge subscription and I checked it.

On the Edge server I have 2 send connectors

edgesync - inbound to default-first-site-name – When I go to the Network Tab “Route mail through the following smart host is checked and it’s configured with “- -“ I believe that this was created automatically.

edgesync - default-first-site-name to internet

On the edge server the receive connectors I have one

Default internal receive connector HMC-DEV-EDGE01

I see the mail just sitting on the edge and it doesn’t know where to go. I had to rebuild exchange because to many hands were on these systems so now I’ve kicked everyone off. Lol

For this I have 2 machines


The mx record is pointing to I do have an internal DNS and an external DNS

This I did already “In the Primary DNS suffix of this computer: field, type a DNS domain name and suffix for the Edge Transport server” with the suffix of

Would you perfer that I send you email to another address?

Jacqueline Wright said...

By the way I did follow the instructions that you did provide. I also have some exchange 2007 books. I can ping from edge to exchg not a problem.

Wayne Hollomby said...


Can you check that you can telnet from the edge server to the receive connector on the HUB and send a email into a mailbox.

Are there any error being logged in the Application log on the edge server ?

I would also look at increasing the transport logging on the edge server.

Check that the accepted domains match in the Edge and Hub configuration.