Wednesday 9 April 2008

Exchange as an application platform

I’m really happy to announce that Cobweb will be launching another major service later this year – Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
We’ve made the purchase and scheduled the deployment, thus making our commitment to this.
This is made possible with the deployment of Parallels Automation (aka SWsoft PEM) into our hosted platform. Parallels Automation is key to the development of this platform, giving us an online shop and a suitable billing system for hosted per-user/per-month service subscriptions. Deploying CRM and connecting this to Exchange 2007 is really exciting for me. It’s going to finally unlock the power of the platform that we’ve build and developed. Our platform is about so much more than just an Exchange mailbox - it's an application platform.

The news was released today at the Microsoft Hosting Summit in Seattle – Mark and I are there at the moment, and it’s raised a few surprised eye brows that we'll be quick to market with this. We will be one of the first in Europe to be doing this in a way that connects this to Hosted Exchange. Parallels are pushing out some PR in the industry around this too - which is nice to see.

CRM4.0 is an in-demand service at the moment so exciting times lie ahead.


Unknown said...

We are using Hosted CRM 4.0 for more then a month now from UTICA (

Dan Germain said...

Hi Haroun. I'd be interested to know your end-user feedback around your use of a hosted CMR4 service. Is it working well for you? which areas of your business, or which processes, are using CRM now? Have your gone live with a vanilla service from your hosting provider or have you undertaken some customisations?