Friday 13 September 2013

Lync 2013 LHPv2 Dialin Simple Url rewrite issue

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As per the documentation here we can provision tenant Simple Meet URLs by the addition of the tenants SIP domains appended on to the Hosters primary SIP one.

The LHP code supports the provisioning of Tenant meet simple urls by performing the following:

You can see this in the LHP deployment guide.

However it doesn't support the same method for the dialin simple url.

This appears to follow the previous guidance when performing multi-tenancy with Lync 2010 Enterprise.

However if you put in the dialin url as for example and publish the topology (this is the default behaviour!), at no point is an IIS url rewrite rule created to forward the domain to

(Note that the code appears to still provide references to the BETA of Lync Online, this obviously wasn't cleared up for the RTM release)

LHP code doesn't add the rule in. Here's my screenshot from IIS, my Lab is under

You can clear see the re-write rules for the Meet url. There's not one ever written for Dialin.

So how can we work around this issue?

What I have done to work around this is to publish the Dialin simple url in the topology builder as

See here:

This then works around the problem, and all Lync tenants will have as their phone access url when creating a Lync online meeting in Outlook.

Be sure once you make this change (or any other for a Simple URL) you run Enable-CsComputer on your Lync Front Ends and Directors if you are using them.

I have raised this to Microsoft and I am in the middle of pushing this as a bug, and I hope they will update their documentation in the mean time to be more specific around the Dialin simple URL.

 I will have more articles available on Microsoft Lync 2013 LHPv2 soon.

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Oliver Moazzezi - MVP Exchange Server

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