Tuesday 14 February 2012

Source Side Operation Failed - Exchange 2010 DAG

I came across this today. I have no idea why the database failed to replicate correctly, especially as it was a new database with no users on it. However fixing it was fairly trivial.

The issue:

Once I was back in the console I actually couldn't see the suspended and failed copy without having to restart EMC (a refresh would not work) however EMS did infact show it:

So via Powershell I simply ran the Resume-MailboxDatabaseCopy and this fixed the issue.

Testing via EMC I noticed once it was restarted I was able to see the failed and suspended database so could have performed it via the UI if I needed too.

Root cause analysis was not done as I was unable to replicate the issue. Hopefully this article will help any other Admins with the issue that may not be quite as quick at fixing it.

Take Care

Oliver Moazzezi MVP - Exchange Server

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