Wednesday 7 July 2010

Good news! Re-awarded as a 2010 MVP!

So this will be my 4th year as an Exchange MVP. In the last year I have probably made my biggest contributions to Technical Communities.

So I thought i'd take you back to where it all started, back in 2007 on the Exchange Newsgroups.

Over these last 36 months i've made nearly 5000 posts to the Microsoft Exchange Public Newsgroups, the picture below, taken from Google shows my posts and I guess somewhat crazy dedication to Exchange and helping others. You will find everything from talking about Clustering, SAN vs DAS, Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 to scripting and help with Active Directory.

After having a quick run through, I even noticed I posted on Christmas Day :-)

The posts slowly declined as I moved over to Microsofts replacement forums - the Exchange Technet Forums. I now post here.

You can see my threads here.

And you can follow my RSS feed here.

So with the decline or the newsgroups I also started Webinars for my employer, Cobweb. I have some far done 3 online webinars on Exchange 2010 since the start of the year. I have also presented Exchange 2010 including a live demo of OWA and it's new advanced features (Thankyou Demo Gods for a perfect demo!) at Microsoft Victoria, and I have also presented a Technet Webcast on Exchange Server 2010 Management (RBAC, Powershell), which I must say was very nerve racking but was deeply rewarding.

And with that i'l leave you with my first post I can find, when I was very much new with Exchange Server, way back in November 2005.

It's an honour and a prviledge to continue to be held in high esteem and awarded as an MVP each year, always wondering whether you will get it back again or not :-)

Take care, and Thankyou Microsoft, you guys rock..

Oliver Moazzezi

MVP - Exchange Server

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